Retailer Training and Engagement, educated store staff


Whilst shopper trends are increasingly moving towards online and digital environments, the fact remains that a high proportion of shopper decision making is still made in-store.  This is particularly apparent with consumer electronics and other technology purchases where an assisted sell is required.

Shoppers seek reassurance that they are taking advice from skilled and knowledgeable store staff.  Our specialist teams have a genuine passion and interest for the brands and products they represent.

It is this infectious enthusiasm that results in engaged, inspired and educated store staff, who in turn articulate the unique features, benefits and value of your product to shoppers, ensuring they have the best experience of your brand.

Shopper Experience, customer advocacy


In today’s highly competitive market, customer advocacy based on positive sentiment is critical to win.

tactical, one-off activity, rel tactical


Quality, agility, flexibility, scale – that’s REL Tactical in a nutshell