Are you looking for Freelance flexible opportunities in Merchandising, Auditing, Demonstrations or Brand Events?

Do you want to work flexible hours around your professional and personal commitments?

Join us at REL Field Marketing as part of our flexible freelance team and have the opportunity to work with one of the busiest field marketing agencies in the industry.

We don’t make energy drinks, chocolate bars or consumer goods. Our product is our people and people are at the heart of everything we do.

We drive our customer brands into consumer’s shopping baskets through instore merchandising, auditing, demonstration and brand promotion.

We need you!

We are always on the lookout for tenacious, self-motivated and committed people who will go the extra mile to deliver the best quality results on behalf of our customers’ brands.

How do I get paid?

All of our Tactical Field Staff are self employed. That means that you must be registered as self employed and in possession of a Unique Tax Reference (UTR) which can be requested through the HMRC website at HMRC.gov.uk.

When you are paid we will not deduct any income tax or national insurance payments. You are responsible for declaring all the payments you receive from us to HMRC. You must provide us with your bank account details during the registration process in order that we can make payments to you.

How much will I be paid?

This will depend upon the activity you are carrying out and will be clearly indicated on the portal at the time of booking.

Will I receive a payslip?

No, as you are self-employed, you will not receive a payslip. You will however be able to see what you have been paid through a remittance advice note which we will provide to you monthly.

Will I be employed by REL?

No, as a self employed individual you will not be employed by REL, nor will you have a contract of employment with us. You will be free to accept work or choose not to depending upon your circumstances at that time. We would ask though that once you have accepted work you keep to that commitment and carry out the activity.

Still have some questions?

Please call one of our friendly Recruitment team between 10am – 6pm on 0118 927 1059.


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