Hello, rel field marketing


We have 4 unique assets that combine to make us stand out from the crowd.  We deliver an unrivalled level of operational excellence and an ability to bring thought leadership that adds real value for our customers.

Big Data

Through our dedicated, in-house data & insight team we have the ability to take broad sets of structured and unstructured data to understand your opportunities in relation to your commercial priorities.

Our analytical capability means we can take highly complex data and simplify it and providing actionable insight to drive continuous improvement.

Real Cultural Engagement

People come to work at REL because they want to, not because they have to.  There is a distinct difference here – the difference between satisfaction & engagement, which translates into ‘winning for me’ vs ‘winning for me and for the company’.

Engaged people are more likely to recommend improvements, are more committed to making the company succeed and more likely to recommend us an employer.

We have colleague engagement and leadership capability scores that any company would be proud of and as a result we are able to unlock the discretionary effort from our people that puts our customers ahead of their competition every day.

International Expertise

Through Advantage Smollan and our international customer relationships, we have a detailed working knowledge of our customers’ global opportunities and challenges.  We share best practice and innovation across the group which enables us to bring new ideas to our customers in the UK and to their businesses internationally.

Proprietary Field Insights

Our relationships with retailers (on a global level) and the volume of callage we deliver for manufacturers, means we have specific insight and understanding about how retail operates and the opportunities and challenges faced that no other agency has.

Our insight is highly valuable to our customers and allows us to build a strategy based on knowledge and data rather than a hunch or gut feeling.

Our People, REL PEOPLE, diverse team


Our product is our people and people are at the heart of everything we do.

Awards, REL awards


No other agency has achieved the same level of industry award recognition as REL.